Fall Driving Safety Tips for Downers Grove, IL

The autumn can be a beautiful, charming time in Downers Grove, Illinois, but it also presents unique challenges on the road. By refreshing yourself on a few helpful safety tips, you’ll ready to enjoy fall driving to the fullest.

Check your lights

Daylight saving time will be permanent starting in 2023, but we’ll still have to deal with a time change in November. Because you may wind up driving in the dark more regularly than you are now, it’s a great time to check your exterior lights — including headlamps, fog lights, taillamps, and brake lights — to make sure everything is in good working condition.

Put rubber to the road

Rainy weather combined with fallen leaves can make for surprisingly treacherous driving. Make sure that your tires and brakes are up for the challenge before you set out. Check your tire pressure, look for signs of wear that could mean you’re due for a new set of four, and be mindful of signs that you might need new brakes.

Critical maintenance like battery testing, oil changes, and more are also key to safety when it comes to fall driving. Contact the service pros at Packey Webb Ford and we’ll get you on the path to enjoying autumn to the fullest.

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