Reasons to Buy a Dash Cam for Your Ford

Dash cams are a great innovation that help protect drivers on the road. There are plenty of reasons to buy a dash cam for your Ford, especially if you do a lot of driving in the city and want to cover your bases.

Protection against theft and vandalism

If you get a dash cam with cloud storage, it can help protect you in the event that your car is stolen. Front-facing dash cams could catch thieves and vandals in the act and be used as evidence to bring them to justice.

Helpful for car accidents

In the event of a collision, the account of events comes down to your word, the word of any other parties involved, and the word of witnesses. These accounts came sometimes vary, especially if another party is at fault and wants to shift blame to seem less culpable. One of the best reasons to buy a dash cam is to make sure that the story is straight, giving you a video of the incident that you can share with police and your insurance provider.  

These are just two of the many reasons why you may want to buy a dash cam for your Ford. If you’re looking to accessorize your new Ford, contact the team at Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Fall Car Maintenance Tips in Downers Grove, IL

The weather is getting colder at long last, and the leaves are changing color. Fall is here, and that means it’s time as well for some key car maintenance — especially if you’re planning on taking a big autumn road trip from Downers Grove, Illinois.  


Changing temps can take a toll on your battery, especially if it’s older. If you haven’t replaced your car battery in the last 3-5 years, bring your vehicle to Packey Webb Ford for an inspection. Older batteries can die without warning, leaving you stranded at an inopportune moment.


You should take care of your tires every season, but it’s especially important in the fall. Wet leaves and falling temperatures can make it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle, so it’s crucial that your tires have enough tread, are properly inflated, and are rotated regularly.

Oil change

Has it been a while since your last oil change? Sticking with the recommended schedule for oil and filter changes keeps your engine clean and healthy, giving you confidence as you get out there and enjoy all that fall fun.

Trust the experts at Packey Webb Ford with all your fall car maintenance needs. You can schedule your next visit online or by calling us at 630-324-0809.

Fall Driving Safety Tips for Downers Grove, IL

Fall Driving Tips | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

The autumn can be a beautiful, charming time in Downers Grove, Illinois, but it also presents unique challenges on the road. By refreshing yourself on a few helpful safety tips, you’ll ready to enjoy fall driving to the fullest.

Check your lights

Daylight saving time will be permanent starting in 2023, but we’ll still have to deal with a time change in November. Because you may wind up driving in the dark more regularly than you are now, it’s a great time to check your exterior lights — including headlamps, fog lights, taillamps, and brake lights — to make sure everything is in good working condition.

Put rubber to the road

Rainy weather combined with fallen leaves can make for surprisingly treacherous driving. Make sure that your tires and brakes are up for the challenge before you set out. Check your tire pressure, look for signs of wear that could mean you’re due for a new set of four, and be mindful of signs that you might need new brakes.

Critical maintenance like battery testing, oil changes, and more are also key to safety when it comes to fall driving. Contact the service pros at Packey Webb Ford and we’ll get you on the path to enjoying autumn to the fullest.

How to Transport a Kayak with Your Ford Truck

Transporting With Trucks | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

In Downers Grove, you’re a hop, skip, and jump away from some good kayaking spots like Whalon Lake and Channahon State Park. Before you set out on any kind of kayaking adventure in your Ford truck, you’ll want to know how to transport your gear safely.


The easiest, simplest way to secure a kayak using your Ford truck is to get the right accessories. Whether you drive a Ford Maverick, Ranger, F-150, or Super Duty, you can pick from a range of available racks and carriers perfect for the job.

One of the most unique options you can choose is the Yakima hitch-mounted rack extension, which lets you safely transport two kayaks above bed level. You can also purchase roof rack and rail systems from Thule that are compatible with a huge range of accessories including a folding kayak carrier, canoe carriers, and cargo boxes. 

Use the bed

If you don’t want to get any accessories for your Ford truck just yet, you can also take advantage of your pickup bed. While kayaks likely won’t lie flat in your truck bed, you can position them safely by angling the stern into the front left corner and lining up the bow with the tailgate at the opposite end. Then, use the bed’s tie-downs and buckle straps to lock the kayaks firmly in place.

Need help transporting kayaks in your Ford truck — or a new Ford truck in which to transport your kayak? Look no further than Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Best Roads to Drive Your Mustang in Illinois

2021 Ford Mustang | Downers Grove, IL | Packey Webb Ford

Though it is absolutely true that every drive is more exciting in the powerful Ford Mustang, your 4000th commute home in rush hour traffic is not the best use of your pony’s mighty engine. Get your blood pumping when you unleash your Mustang on some of Packey Webb Ford’s favorite fun-to-drive roads in Illinois.

Shawnee Forest Country: This picturesque drive spans over 115 miles through Routes 1, 13, 142, 145, and 146. No matter what season you visit, enjoy gorgeous foliage from Shawnee National Forest and the wind whipping through your hair with the top down in your Mustang convertible.

Great Rivers National Scenic Byway: Considered the single best scenic drive in America, the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway is a can’t-miss stop in your Mustang. The road spans more than 2,000 miles and travels through 10 states, which means you and your Mustang can explore the open road for days.

Illinois Lincoln Highway: Adventurous Mustang drivers will love careening through the curves of the Illinois Lincoln Highway. Named for one of America’s greatest Presidents, travel through this 179-mile stretch of road and pass through many of Illinois’ most renowned historical sites. Don’t have a Mustang to take on a scenic drive? Call the sales team at Packey Webb Ford to set up your Mustang consultation.

Driving Tips to Keep Your Family Safe During Chicago Winters

Winter Driving Tips | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

Here in Downers Grove, Illinois, winter can be brutal. The combination of wet, heavy snow and frigid winds off Lake Michigan can make the roads a real hazard to drive on. As sellers of safe, reliable Ford vehicles, we at Packey Webb Ford care about your family’s safety. To help you stay safe while driving in Chicago this winter, here are some recommendations.

Drive slowly: Even if you don’t think the pavement seems very slick, it’s a good idea to reduce your speed by around 20-30 percent in the winter. And give extra distance between you and the car ahead of you.

Be cautious: Don’t make any risky lane changes or traffic maneuvers you’d normally make on a dry summer day. Take it easy and be careful during these months, doing all you can to avoid impulsive or unwarranted movements.

Avoid rapid changes in speed: The more suddenly you brake or accelerate, the more likely your car’s tires will slip and slide across the road. Gradual changes in speed help the tires maintain traction on the road. 

Use your car’s safety systems: Ford offers many driver-assistive safety technologies that make it easier for you to maintain control of your car on slippery roads. If your car has these, make sure you’re using them properly. And if it doesn’t, we highly recommend upgrading to a new Ford with Ford Co-Pilot360 and all-wheel drive.

For a safe, reliable SUV, crossover, or pickup truck for your family, visit Packey Webb Ford. We have an abundance of affordable models in stock right now.