Ford Joins First Movers Coalition

Ford Joins Coalition | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

Ford continues to demonstrate its commitment to protecting our planet and making a better tomorrow through action and deed. Recently, Ford announced that it will join the First Movers Coalition, a movement to use purchasing power and supply chains to push for cleaner energy.

The First Movers Coalition currently consists of 50 companies from around the globe. Valued at a combined $8.5 trillion, this coalition will use its economic might to advocate for clean energy technology. Ford is contributing to this cause with a pledge to purchase at least 10% near-zero carbon steel and aluminum by 2030.

Ford has even larger goals in sight. The automaker has set forth science-based goals for temperature reduction for 2035 and plans to be carbon neutral by no later than 2050.

“Reducing emissions to carbon neutral by 2050 is possible if we invest in the right technologies and bring them to scale within the next decade,” said Ford Director of Supply Chain Sustainability Sue Slaughter.

Ford is also committing to a cleaner tomorrow with more sustainable vehicles like the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E. If you plan to go electric sometime in the near future, contact the sales team at Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois.